"After the decision to install a cogeneration system for our school district, we searched to identify a mechanical contractor that would not only provide outstanding service, but would keep the project on budget. Megrant Corporation certainly rose to the challenge and we couldnít be more thankful."
Hicksville School District Ė Superintendent

"Efficient facilities and facility systems are an integral part of a successful college. When one of our boilers needed retubing, we turned to Megrant. They were both professional and knowledgeable and got the job done quickly."
Ron Janis, Administrative Superintendent, Facilities, City College of New York

"One World Trade Center is an incredibly important building to our city. It will become a symbol of New York's vitality and strength and weíve been very selective in which sub-contractors to hire for such a historic project. We were pleased to bring Megrant on board to install the HVAC equipment and we are confident in Megrantís ability to complete this challenging assignment."
Jay Badame, COO, Tishman Construction Corporation

I can tell you this, without a doubt, life is much easier to live when you're around good people and I count you as one of the best. Thank you.
Steve Cromity, The Port Authority of NY & NJ

Representatives from Megrant consulted with me during the fabrication of the frame [in the Structures Laboratory of the Civil Engineering Department] and kept me updated on the progress. They willingly accommodated design changes and were available to provide their expertise in the re-design of a critical component of the frame. I wholeheartedly recommend this company to perform similar work.
Kolluru Subramanian, Associate Professor, City University of New York

Sam Mirian and Megrant Corporation management personnel have been proactive participants in the Mentor/Protégé Program. Since their initial participation in the program (January 2004), Megrant Corporation has been awarded four contracts with the Port Authority, totaling approximately $22.3 million. We believe this can be largely attributed to Sam's diligence and commitment to the Program's objectives.
Dorthy R. Pentzke, President, Pentzke Group II

Through my two and half years of professional interaction at the U.S. Department of Commerce with Mr. Sam Mirian, it is a real honor to have witnessed the true dedication and large scale commitment to have known that Sam launched several public work projects in various sector industries which are still vital to our countries defense, commercial growth and advancement of energy needs in the Eastern Seaboard... Mr. Sam Mirian has professionally maintained an excellent work completion record with both prime and subcontracting procurement partners.
Ronald Uba, Business Development Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce